Fast Times At Bristol High

13 06 2016

Bristol, Connecticut

“OJ, the entitled athlete, who kept getting pass after pass, slap on the hand after slap on the hand, in spite of repeated domestic abuse calls to the cops.”

Notice this is on ESPN-W, which is ESPN’s lesbian boutique.  Any other time, white feminists and lesbians would be too scared of blacks to challenge their position on the progressivetard stack.  Where did all this new found courage come from?

I think we can find the answer on yet another ESPN boutique.

So far, no vituperative from yet another ESPN boutique, that being The Undefeated, which is getting so ridiculous that I set up a Twitter account to parody it. They’re too worried about the concept of “basketball IQ” being a coded anti-black racial insult, even though what we all know it really is is a way for shylocks and quacks to cast playing bouncyball well as some sort of form of intelligence. It’s a phrase we hear a lot during NBA draft season, which, for this year, is coming up very soon.

Speaking of the four letter, my brother from another mother, now safely far enough removed from Bristol’s shadow, is starting to flap.




4 responses

13 06 2016
David In TN

Speaking of basketball, I once read somewhere that a fantasy of east coast liberal “intellectuals” is having a black NBA player as a buddy whom they shoot baskets with.

Also, I’m interested in the Blogmeister’s (who wasn’t around during O.J. Simpson’s big years as a football player) take on the ESPN Simpson extravaganza.

They’ve begun by wailing about the Horrible Mistreatment of blacks by law enforcement. This is supposed to “explain to whites why blacks exulted over the acquittal.”

Later in the series it will be observed how the LAPD ignored Simpson’s repeated beatings of Nicole. Well, since they didn’t come down on him then, why do they suddenly decide to “frame” him in 1994?

They never square the circle on this one.

13 06 2016

Didn’t and am not watching the ESPN Simpson extravaganza, and really could care less about it. Blacks cheered OJ’s acquittal because many of them wish they could have been acquitted.

13 06 2016
David In TN

Over at ESPN’s black-oriented Undefeated offshoot, a columnist whines that white people are “erasing” Simpson and “trying to forget how great a running back O.J. Simpson was.”

Let’s see ESPN puts on the longest, most hyped sports TV documentary ever on top of the FX series. And this is “erasing” Simpson?

Typical of the black thinking process.

13 06 2016

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