New Gentle Giant

13 06 2016




* He’s a yoot

* He kinda looks like Michael Brown

* He lives on the Fergaza Strip

* His spree began at the Ferguson Market

* Something being stolen was the initial object of interest to the Ferguson PD

So how is it that he’s just an ordinary bell curve city ne’er-do-well instead of a St. Gentle Giant who was two days away from starting college?

In related news, the Southern Baptist Convention used the occasion of their upcoming convention in St. Louis to do one of their massive charity/humanitarian block parties.  This is actually the second such event in Ferguson in the the last year:  Last July, Springfield-based Convoy of Hope came to Ferguson.

What does it all mean?  Because a white cop had the temerity to defend his life against a dindu, the major religious organizations have to atone for that sin by giving lots and lots of free stuff to residents of the Fergaza Strip.




5 responses

13 06 2016

it is just wrong & culturally insensitive in the extreme to hold sub-saharan’s to same laws as humans in regards to stealing from or robbing small local stores. If you do bidness in fergaza or dystopiastan, you gotta just add these sub-saharan rights & freedoms into cost of doing bidness in afreeka

13 06 2016
Area Man

I think this one has the mumps too. Not as bad as GG. It really shows up in that “soulful” pic of him with the $200 headphones that you couldn’t get away from there for a while.

13 06 2016

From the first link:

“The car, a 2014 white Kia Forte, had been stolen from Florissant, police said.

McGuire said the driver “appeared to antagonize the officer by yelling at him and flipping him ‘the bird.’” When crossing over into Jennings, the driver took out a handgun and fired two shots at the officer’s car, causing some damage to the vehicle but no injury to the officer.”

You ask:

“So how is it that he’s just an ordinary bell curve city ne’er-do-well instead of a St. Gentle Giant who was two days away from starting college?”

Duh, Count. Genna Gian just be walkin. Sheeit. Don mess wif a brutha’s aunt’s hoopty.

13 06 2016

Because firing into a cop’s car is the bar-none Jennings pastime.

6 07 2016
All Rights Reserved | Countenance Blog

[…] However, I am reading that the owner of or employee of the quickie mart where this happened called the cops on Sterling because he was selling bootleg CDs or DVDs on the store’s parking lot.  Which should sound familiar, St. Louisan, because something relating to a quickie mart is what got the cops called on GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS.  That said, if this thing in Baton Rouge blows up into riots, that quickie mart will be burned to the ground, as the first night riots on the Fergaza Strip inflicted that fate upon the QT on the corner of West Florissant and Northwinds Estates because they heard a false rumor that someone in the QT called the cops (“snitched”).  When in reality, it was the Ferguson Market.  Later nights’ festivities involved the undertow looting it, but as of right now, it’s still open and still in business. […]

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