Past Performance, Future Returns, Blah Blah

13 06 2016


In that which proves OO right.

The interesting graph from the story:


Okay, let me set everyone’s minds straight.

There weren’t 3.4 million foregone births, the bad economy didn’t cost us 3.4 million people.  The only reason it seems that way is because back in 2007, important people were foolishly making predictions of annual birth counts of the next handful of years based on the immediate trends of the previous handful of years.  And the reason why annual births were increasing in the previous handful of years?  The affirmative action housing bubble, Hispanic immigration, fresh waves of fresh over the border Hispanics for cheap labor for the housing construction industry et al., and the women among them got homesick and compensated for the grief by procreating more than they otherwise would have.

Since these “foregone births” are largely Hispanic, it means our day of demographic dispossession has been pushed back a bit.




5 responses

13 06 2016
Area Man

If we could get the border under control ,stop importing islamic terrorist and Chinese that game the system a lower birthrate would not be a problem. We have way more people than we need as it is.

13 06 2016

We’ve known that fertility was concentrated among 1st generation immigrants, so as things get worse, and fewer economic migrants come here, the problem will stabilize on its own to a certain extent.

13 06 2016
Area Man

OT Is the Neocons for Hillary twitter one of yours? On some level I fear it is real.

13 06 2016

Not mine and I’m back and forth on whether it’s real or troll.

13 06 2016

The other point is that “2007 rates” for births were running as high as the housing market, and crashed similarly. Both trends for similar reasons.

If you look at rates of home buyership from 2007 to the present, it would look about the same, and the curve of house pricing would be exactly the opposite trend.

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