Sunday Wrap-Up on a Monday Morning

13 06 2016

Considering the circumstances of yesterday, I put it off for about a half a day.


* Car slams into the Aldi on Kingshighway and Delmar, causing serious injury to seven people, and also causing the liberation of dozens of quarters.

* Here comes Hamilton.

* Bad news:  Riverview Garbage will remain unaccredited, meaning the out-transfers continue.

* Zero Hedge does St. Louis, and not in a kind way.

* It’s the new St. Louis pastime, stealing copper.

A street in Bell Curve City where all the street lights don’t work is one where the residents have made it that way.

* Good as far as it goes.  But what she really needs to do is bring death penalty cases against those who (“allegedly”) murder prospective criminal trial witnesses.


* Ruh roh.

Guess why I’m putting this in the immigration section.

* Trump is giving them courage.


* Renting a mob, literally.

* Which is something I noticed after the most recent non-conviction in the Baltimore Six.  If there’s not a conviction against the alleged rough-ride driver, then there won’t be any convictions against any of the six.

* Easy.  Stump her with this question:  If the 2A didn’t exist, would she advocate putting it in the constitution?  Then watch her mouth blubber and her brain blue screen.

* BT-1000s, a fast feeder, and Quanell X.  We may never really know the truth, though we may never really need the truth, either.

* Bell Curve City from one end of the article to the other.

* In contrast to all the rotten spoiled special snowflakes on elite campuses, this is what is happening on the other side of the tracks among those partaking of tertiary education.

* Problem?  They certainly won’t admit it, and even more than that, they won’t ever say it’s a problem.  Because to “California,” and the people that currently run it, voter fraud is a feature, not a bug.

OTOH, I have already mentally solved the problem of voter fraud, quite easily.

* It’s just more evidence that college administrators and student activists are on the same side working for the same agenda and in concert. It’s a pincher movement.

* Emily Austen noticed things.  Bad girl.

* You know, I thought we weren’t supposed to suspend or expel students anymore, because school to prison pipeline.  But I guess on the progressivetard stack, World War T is billed above STPP, except if the student in question is black.

* If they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous.  Thankfully, they’re not that dangerous.

* How to read this story?  Petraeus is begging for a Presidential pardon.


* Get ready for World War Z, it’s starting already.

* I do think that official polling misses some leave support because there’s a Bradley Effect that puts pressure on leave supporters not to say so publicly.

* That life tends to catch up with you.

* Okay, before you start thinking that this will necessarily apply to people like us, (even though they won’t hesitate), let me remind you that the phrase “conspiracy theorist” is quickly becoming a politically correct American news media circumlocution for “Muslim,” especially younger Muslim men.

* In this game, some kids have to play the “stern-faced border patrol officers.”

Yeah, as if.

In the real world, Merkel is letting them flood in.  The “stern-faced border patrol officers” are probably ordered to sit back and watch ’em pour in, or worse, lead the welcome wagon.


* Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, nor do I feel the need to “modernize” this blog’s appearance.  I maintain a laser light focus on content, and by content, I mean high quality snark.

* It’s why we should be hesitant to believe politically loaded social science, even if it sounds good to us.

* Yes, this is a rather ugly color, and if it actually is the ugliest color around, I wouldn’t put up an argument.

However, it is approximately the color of human flesh that all people would have if all people were a perfect amalgamation of all currently existing racial and ethnic groups.  It wouldn’t be the Tan Everyman, it would be the Pantone Everyman.

* Light pollution:  It has been one of my serial but infrequent concerns in this space over the years.  And I’ll use this opportunity to repeat:  There is no place in the continental United States that, even under ideal weather and atmospheric conditions, is truly dark.  And by “dark,” I mean it scores 1 on a 1-to-9 whole number scale called Bortle.  Not even middle-of-nowhere Nevada is able to score any better than a 2.  Concomitantly, there are extremely few truly quiet places left in the continental United States anymore.

On the other side of the coin, there’s something to be said for light pollution, if the best countries for the lack of it are Chad, the Central African Republic and Madagascar




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13 06 2016
13 06 2016
13 06 2016
Hard Right

We Wuz Kings: Coptic Egyptians React To African Americans Trying To Steal Their History

13 06 2016
Hard Right

14 06 2016
Hard Right

♠♠♠New Concord Resident♠♠♠ Arrested on Rape, Kidnapping Charges

A recent immigrant to the United States from Africa has been arrested and charged with numerous felony counts and other charges after allegedly raping another immigrant from Africa in a Concord apartment last month, according to an arrest report and court documents.

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