“Downtown Regional Crime Prevention Fund”

14 06 2016

City Hall

Is that what they’re calling ook abatement these days?

Other than AFFH.

Seriously, if this comes to pass, it will probably be used to develop and enforce city ordinances relating to Downtown that will seem bizarre on their literal faces, but will be designed in such a way that both seem to be race neutral but will have the practice of arranging things Downtown to make it far less attractive to ghetto blacks.  For instance, under the rubric of noise pollution, there may be an ordinance that prohibits establishments in the Downtown neighborhood that have liquor licenses from emitting noise above a certain decibel level from a certain number of feet away after certain times of night.  What that would mean in practicality is no rap or hip hop concerts or music, and without that, the dindus won’t come around.




2 responses

15 06 2016

Not a lot of detail there, but I get the drift: the county and private businesses in the region need to send money to the city because of crime. What exactly will the city do with it? Hire more cops? Hire private security guards downtown? Midnight basketball?

15 06 2016

use it to move the criminals out to the county.

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