“Future King”

14 06 2016


They might not be that far off the mark.  Are they #NRx, or are they just being funny?

RFTN, Trump, at 70 years old officially, would be the oldest President ever at the moment of assuming the Presidency.




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14 06 2016

We know who the Russians are betting on to be the next President. Notice they didn’t crack into the DNC to steal Hillary info:


14 06 2016

The video is no longer up b/c it was on a Jim Hoft account that the Googitburo yanked. It was of Indians dedicating a cake to the “Future King” Donald Trump on today his 70th birthday.

14 06 2016


Greenfield forgets to include two very obvious words:

Baby Boomer.

We’re experiencing Peak Boomer anyway just because people who are 55-69 years old (as Boomers were last year) are people that have serious control. For instance, of all the announced Presidential candidates, there was at least one born in every boomer year from 1945 to 1959 except for one the years, and stretching the point with 1945 itself. Furthermore, if Trump wins, he’ll be the third President in four presidencies born not only in 1946, but the summer of 1946. (Clinton in August, Bush 43 in July). And of course, the summer of 1946 was nine months after the end of WWII, which proves how a lot of people celebrated our victory.

Also, for Democrat boomers and older, they are and will continue to hold on to power longer than they otherwise would because of the lumpenproletarian nature of their domestic and imported racial demographic constituent parts, who present no challenge within blue team politics but will vote for any Democrat nominee in November.

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