German Moral Miracle

14 06 2016


German government 10-year bonds are in negative rate territory.

You mean to tell me all those racists and xenophobes in the bond market don’t think that all those Syrians and others that the Merkel government is importing will have made the German economy a roaring dynamo by 2026?  I don’t get it, they told us they were all engineers and geniuses.




4 responses

14 06 2016

they could just be predicting an extreme super far extreme right takeover, which is still crimethink against the current government when you think about it.

14 06 2016

Then there is the upcoming brexit, and ahead a few months, a US that will be re-evaluating its trade deals. all kinds of negative news.

14 06 2016

Even if all that mattered, all these Syrian supergeniuses should more than make up for it, especially on volume.

14 06 2016

Well not if they get deported, but otherwise I concede that they should be able to power through any other negative news.

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