Golden Microphone

14 06 2016

New Hampshire

One of you auspiciously notice something I noticed myself yesterday:  That Rush was supposed to be back from his vacation yesterday, but instead extended it for a day and let Mark Steyn fill in for him.

I think the reality is more like this:  The seventh century religion of peace was especially peaceful over the weekend, and this was in Mark Steyn’s wheelhouse, so Rush willingly got out of the way.

I have a prediction.

Three years from now, when you turn the radio on at noon Eastern, the voice you’ll be hearing on a weekday basis will be Mark Steyn’s not Rush Limbaugh’s.  Rush just might have his successor and a retirement plan in front of him.  Don’t forget he turned 65 in January.




2 responses

14 06 2016
14 06 2016

I can see a Rush exit after the election, movement conservatism is for all intents and purposes dead, and its death was largely a result of self inflicted wounds.

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