I Know It’s Old News, But…

14 06 2016

San Diego

Remember what we were talking about last week, i.e. ancient history?

I just couldn’t get over the contradiction between the official Republican Party telling us all these years that we need to vote for Republicans no matter how bad they are because judges, on the one hand, and the official Republican Party telling us that Donald Trump is wrong for criticizing a Democrat-appointed Federal judge for his past and potentially future biased rulings, on the other hand.

Though you all keep forgetting that I have a Ferrari mind, and therefore, I can power my way through most contradictions and paradoxes.

In this case, it could be as simple as pure Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I think there’s something else at work.

We’re allowed to talk about ideology, but not about people.  Applied to matters like these, it’s okay if we criticize Democrat-appointed Federal judges purely on ideological and philosophical terms alone.  But it is not okay if we try to link a judge’s ideology to a judge’s race or ethnicity and make the case that the latter shapes the former.  It’s why (((neoconservatives))) will mostly never like Trump in spite of the fact that he’s coincidence and parenthesis friendly for the most part.  It’s because noticing things about groups of people and then stating it in public about groups other than the coincidences will always scare the hell out of coincidences, because they know that once people start making collective group assessments of Mexicans and Muslims, then it’s not a far leap to start doing the same about coincidences, even for those who are otherwise coincidence-friendly.




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