We’re Being Snookered (My Whitey Sense Is Tingling)

14 06 2016


Why do I get the feeling that they’re pulling a fast one over on us?  Oh yeah, my whitey sense is tingling.

In principle and in theory, I agree with most of the meat-and-potatoes proposals.

I guess what’s bothering me about this is that the impetus isn’t a desire for good governance, but instead, social justice, especially black-white race relations and gaps.  And when people start screaming social justice and SJW too loudly, my whitey sense tells me that the rich and powerful want to be even more so.  Another problem I have is that this group seems like it started with the conclusion and concluded with the reasoning, the conclusion being that a consummate city-county merger, including police, fire, and (left unstated but you know is coming) public education, is necessary.  And I think the real reason why civic elites want that is that so white people in St. Louis County can act as a statistical cover for black pathology; as of right now, St. Louis City proper is consistently one of the very worst cities for violent crime and STI rates.  Combine everything, and St. Louis’s violent crime and STI and education problems magically go away.

Also, a formal city-county merger would mean that they both share a common state judicial circuit, solving the city’s Bronx jury (and judge) problem, and also meaning no more civil lawsuit jury shopping to the city, also meaning that city residents who are qualified to serve on juries are no longer called in for jury duty close to the legal minimum frequency of once every two years; St. Louis County residents don’t get JD notices very often.   As an aside, you see in the article toward the end that the pressure group funded by St. Louis County’s municipalities is opposed to this, for personal and obvious reasons.  But if the merger and consolidation plans really take legs, then I expect various trial lawyer groups to pump rivers of money into opponents’ coffers, because they don’t want to lose the stick-it-to-da-man 22nd state judicial circuit of St. Louis City.




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14 06 2016

Before I forget: Better Together’s chairman of the board is Bert Walker, aka George Herbert Walker III. Yes, he’s a nephew of Bush 41 and a first cousin of Bush 43 (and Jeb!).


14 06 2016

“Bush nephew supports merger” – I think we can trust their judgment to find things that will make life worse for us.

14 06 2016

I get nervous when the Bush family starts talking about “mergers.” The last time the Bush family got interested in a merger: NAFTA, NAU.

14 06 2016

Okay, I just read the actual report, and I’m doubling down on my initial assessment, and adding something to it. While the report makes some good points, such as TIFs, sales tax competition, fines and muni fees, speed traps, and other things, what it’s basically saying, if you can read between the lines, is that a lot of the region’s real and perceived problems (mostly black-driven, but shhhh), will either go away in actuality or perception if St. Louis City and St. Louis County become one singular polity in all imaginable ways. It’s hurting business development and growth when St. Louis is laughed at in the national media as being the worst crime city or close to it, or the worst STI city or close to it. That way, if you combine the city and the county, and allow the white people in St. Louis County to contribute to the denominator, then violent crime rates and STI rates will seem to plunge for “St. Louis,” and therefore, we won’t be in the news in these kinds of embarrassing senses anymore, and corporations won’t be scared off.

Now I’m going to add to my initial assessment based on what I read.

Black municipalities in near North County, especially the postage stamps, are an embarrassment. Therefore, a consolidated city-county system would eliminate them in actuality or in essence, thereby eliminating the ability of black people to fuck up governance in that part of the county.

At one point in the document, it tried to claim that the reason why white people live longer than black people is because of the differing ways in which the St. Louis City Health Department and the St. Louis County Health Department are funded. WTF?

14 06 2016

Heard the spokesmen interviewed on KMOX on the drive home. His example was whatever Louisville did, because Louisville is now “thriving.” He mentioned they still have a bunch of municipalities but are saving money on shared services (I assume he means fire, police, etc). I have no idea what Louisville did or if its thriving, but I know they have had their share of ooky goings on from what I’ve picked up in the news from time to time.

I for one like knowing my little slice of inner-suburbia has its own police force and cops who know the area (some live here) and same with fire. I also like knowing that the local pols obviously live here, and we don’t have some ook from North County making, say, zoning decisions here.

14 06 2016

By “thriving,” he meant “saving money on administrative costs.”

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