Diversity Means Diversity

15 06 2016



Murder conviction overturned on a technicality, will probably get a new trial.

But that’s not the interesting part:

When Lopes plunged a knife through the heart of Mendes, 23, during a fight on Wendover Street, it ignited years of bloody street wars within the Cape Verdean community that claimed several lives.

Cape Verde is some island about 350 miles off the western African coast, with a total land area about a third larger than Missouri’s largest county, and has a population of about a half a million, of people that are described as Creole-Portuguese-African.

Yet, there’s evidently a whole community of them in Boston, and there has been since at least 1995, such that the murder he allegedly committed that year started a big ook-eek fest among themselves.




2 responses

16 06 2016

sounds like we need to bring all Cape Verdians here. Congress could pass a habitat law to return CV to it’s natural state as a global “preserve” which would require bring all the primates living there, over here. Simple !

16 06 2016
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