Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry

15 06 2016


Now they’re worried about agitated blacks?

That boat has done floated down the river.

And I find it a bit ironic that Baraq Obama’s FBI has suddenly started considering amped up blacks to be a bug instead of a feature, especially in what is now an election season.  Though in reality, there are a lot of FBI people, Director James Comey included to an extent, who have not been blue pilled.  But if this is coming from the White House, then they must realize that these kinds of tactics are counterproductive; after all, the Democrats did lose the Senate in 2014, (even though it really didn’t matter in the long run), in spite of Obama, Soros, the Democrats and the media throwing lit matches into the Ferguson gasoline pool.

That leads me to a prediction.

Just as Mignon Clyburn and the Ferguson Commission are greasing the skids for centrally enforced mandated censorship of black crime news stories, I think that along with that, there will be subtle pressure on the media to ignore cop-on-ook incidents like these, if the establishment fears instability more than it covets blue team election victories.  If and when local eyeball newscasts become non-stop low information retard crap, then you’ll know what’s going on.




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