Victory Flag

17 06 2016


Oh gawd, they even have their own flag?

Then I back myself up to ask myself:  Why shouldn’t they?  World War T is winning, it might as well start raising flags over territory it has conquered.

And also, I can’t wait to see what kind of flags the pederasts and zoophiles will have.




5 responses

17 06 2016

ought to be a squirrel on the flag.

17 06 2016
john jones

Francis is a sicko

17 06 2016

I don’t know Slay personally, or that well, but I will say that he does recognize me and greets me by name on the none too frequent occasions when we’re in the same proximate space. He’s not a sicko, he’s just the mayor of an increasingly LGBTQ city, (a gay mag recently rated St. Louis as “gayer” than San Francisco), a city where LGBTQs are helping to gentrify a lot of neighborhoods and rescue it from the dindus. But personally, he’s as straight an arrow as one will find in his personal and family life.

17 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

They should bring that dumb thing to a university campus. The niggers will probably burn it. You know they’ve flipped out and lost their last marbles when they make flags. Reminds me of that stupid “pan-afreaka” flag. Maybe they can fly it over the UN, so no one will care?

18 06 2016

There’s a leather pride flag.

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