Ace and the Red Pill

18 06 2016

And remember, Ace of Spades is not a Trump friendly or alt-right friendly medium.


(1) Like a lot of people, Ace seems to be coming to the realization, thanks to the Trump campaign accidentally exposing a lot of schisms and tomfoolery, and Ace probably doesn’t understand it in quite these terms, that he wanted populism and nationalism all along, and while he knew that the liberals were hopeless and the libertarians too ideologically thrown in to the other side, he thought that conservatism either was populism or nationalism, or a suitable synonym, or useful enough as a bankshot way of thinking, and now he’s realizing that even none of that is true and official conservatism is a lost cause.

I might add that if he had been paying attention for long enough, he would know that official conservatism has been just as much of a universalist abstraction as has been liberalism and libertarianism for quite some time; in fact, official conservatism is little more than several times warmed over variants of libertarianism.

But, unlike some of us in the alt-right, I don’t think the Jews deliberately swooped down from a high perch to ruin conservatism; I think that non-Jewish conservatives (read:  Buckley) deliberately changed conservatism to pander to Jews. Which means that in my reading of history, it’s not true that a small percentage of Jews invented and developed neoconservatism to ruin and neuter conservatism.  Instead, neoconservatism is a time-delayed product and consequence of Buckleyite manipulation and pandering.

(2) Ace bemoans how the Republican leadership “used to believe in patriotism, or at least pretended to.”  I actually think they still do.  Here’s the catch, which Ace doesn’t grasp:  It depends on what the definition of patriotism is.  If you think that patriotism is basically a synonym for nationalism of some sort, and Ace seems to, then of course the Stupid Party doesn’t believe in it, doesn’t publicly support it, and doesn’t govern in its spirit.  But here in our proposition nation, patriotism means being patriotic toward an ideology, or a creed.  Basically, patriotism is another way of saying, “I agree.”  And in the case of the Republican leadership, the patriot-creed is the usual warmed over right-libertarianism bastardized for the benefit of plutocrats and corporations and other party special interests.  Ace wonders how conservatives can bash patriotism (again, remember, Ace thinks that patriotism and nationalism are basically the same thing) and yet agitate for war everywhere, when going to war would require the “racism” of patriotism.  It’s because we go to war for “patriotic” (ideological) purposes these days:  Bringing duhmocrazy and universal human values and universal human rights to camel jockeys and rock gatherers.

It’s tempting to think that Ace is in the process of swallowing the red pill, but I think the better way to think about it is that he actually did in essence some time ago, but the kind of red pill he swallowed was a slow time-released version.




3 responses

19 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Ace is either false opposition or just a holdover from the past. Back in the 1980s we could afford to be idealists and pretend this was merely a political game instead of a winner takes all zero sum existential struggle, but now ITS TOO EXPENSIVE. The numbers just don’t add up to anything but War. Ace, its all over, that whole Reagan Conservative thing was quaint and fun during The Cold War, but the Race War has a different set of rules the other side ignores. Never be nice and kind to savages, they don’t ever appreciate it and see it as a sign of weakness. When dealing with these jungle wild animals, weakness is something you dare not show.

19 06 2016
Longtime lurker`

Did you read the comments? His followers don’t get it but then neither does he. He’s a cuck and a kosher con. Always will be.

25 07 2016
Service and Conscription in the Proposition Nation | Countenance Blog

[…] Remember my missive about how patriotism manifests in a proposition nation?  Here, we have a derivative of that.  Service and conscription does not have the connotations of blood and soil nationalism, but the ideological rectitude of our proposition nation’s egalitarian diversitarian polyglot pluralist multiculturalist proposition.  To put it another way, McChrystal doesn’t want to draft people so they can defend their tribe and land from other hostile tribes from other hand, he wants to draft them to force them to adhere to a political doctrine.  He’s not drafting their bodies, he’s drafting their brains. […]

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