Fruits of AFFH

18 06 2016


Black population down, all other racial groups up, and overall it adds up to a slight decrease.

First off, before you believe his mild hysteria about the overall city population decrease, you might want to read this.

Second, his problem is that he presumes that the reason the black population loss in the decade of the aughts being heavily centered among those aged in the single digits and thirtysomethings is a function of somehow intact families leaving to find better schools and better neighborhoods.  When in reality, it was a function of the set of public policies we now refer to as AFFH.  The thirtysomethings are the L’Booshondrias being given an AFFH voucher and shoved out to the suburbs or to Dubuque, Iowa, or God knows where, and the single digit aged people are her brood.




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