Should Make Them Feel Really Bad

18 06 2016



And yet, seven years ago, the IOC still thought that this was better than Chicago.

LOL Rahm-Daley-Oprah-Obama-Pritzker-Jarrett.




6 responses

18 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Eh, who the fuck cares? The Olympics don’t matter anymore. During the Cold War, it was a way for The West and The Soviet Bloc to fight it out without sending boots on the ground to another brushfire war.
I hear The Russians have a team disqualified for “doping”. Yeah, sure. I think maybe Putin’s stand against the QWERTY ghey mafia is the real reason. Oh, well. No Zika for you Anastasia, go and find a Rich Husband in Western Europe instead.

18 06 2016

The big problem with the Olympics is their unsustainably increasing costs. The 2022 Winters only had two serious bids, Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

18 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Cost is only a problem because of low ratings. Back in the 1980s in L.A. the Reagan USA watched almost the whole fucking thing. Those commercials must have cost plenty. Mary Lou Retton bacame a crossover celeb, and George Herbart Walker Joyner-Kersey Bush was still just a bad joke. Ratings is why they are unaffordable. The Worldwide Depression is gonna make these Olympic Ratings anemic. Who do you expect Obama Bin Lyin to support? Anyone White?

18 06 2016

We’d pay a lot more attention to Olympics if ISIS fielded a team.

18 06 2016
Alex the Goon

I might not cheer, but I’d definitely tune in to watch a Fag Dropping event.

19 06 2016
Dale Gribble

Gotta admit the people of the magic sand countries are pretty creative with the punishments they hand out to deviants. I see real potential for turning them into olympic sports

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