Should Isn’t Will

19 06 2016

Tallahassee, Florida

Yes, they should, but you know they won’t.

Don’t you know that family values is just election season rhetoric?  Any other time, high level Republican politicians are more likely to respond to lobbyist money that doesn’t even benefit their party’s coffers than to policy changes which would benefit their party’s voters, as was perfectly evident in the missive about Florida Gov. Rick Scott vetoing the legislation after pressure from the Florida Bar Association.

Bringing it back to a local angle, as St. Louis-founded and -based Cordell & Cordell is mentioned here, there was a good piece of legislation that made it out of the General Assembly this year, which Nixon has signaled that he is going to sign, a bill which I helped lobby for off-label and off the record and pro bono.  However, any reforms that are more serious and substantive than this will run into a lot of resistance.  Such as it is, and taking the long neoreactionary view, I’m not optimistic about the institution of the traditional nuclear family being able to survive another generation or two of democratic republicanism and its offshoot, rampant corporatism.




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