Thoughts of Home

19 06 2016


Yes, it’s a banal irrelevant distraction, and in anything more than the short view of things, unimportant.

But I get LeBron crying.  It’s the feeling that he owed a debt to his home city, or home metropolitan area, as he’s actually an Akron native, and he was able to come through.  In some ways, I know the feeling.  #MSGA, Make St. Louis Great Again.

Otherwise, if you’re in Cleveland, or Akron, or anywhere close, stay indoors tonight.  The full moon isn’t going to help matters.




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19 06 2016

Cavs head coach, a midseason replacement, Tyronn Lue, is a native of Mexico, Missouri, born a little more than a month after myself. I wonder how it came to be that he was born in Mexico.

19 06 2016

In just a few weeks, Trump will be accepting the Republican nomination right there. In fact, the Cavs going this far in the playoffs means that the crew working the RNC for that arena have to work quick.

20 06 2016
20 06 2016

Minimal shenanigans last nite. One destroyed PD car. Appeared to be an old Crown Vic with a “kick me” sign on it.

20 06 2016

I’m killing it:

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