Behavior Modification

20 06 2016



Translation:  Soros is going to crash the economy like a spoiled brat if Brexit happens.

I think that we’re being set up for David Cameron not to implement Brexit even if it wins at the ballot box, using the excuses of a supposed economic crash, Leave using “racist” campaign tactics, and the non-diversity of Leave’s electorate as opposed to the rainbows in Remain.





4 responses

20 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

You know, I’m surprised that Mossad hasn’t offed this guy. Soros is the worst thing that happened to jews since Hitler. He’s the stereotypical Evil jew. He’s a real life Moriarty.

20 06 2016

Problem is, how many people really know of George Soros? We do, because we despise him, and people who benefit from his money love him. But most people don’t know him from their Uncle Basement-Dweller. Because, Cleveland won.

20 06 2016
Alex the Goon

I’m surprised the People Of Turd are Remain’ers. Dropping out of EU won’t stop the migration of nigs and sand-nigs and chinks from former UK colonies, and I’m sure those groups don’t like the competition from low-wage EUmigrants.

21 06 2016

Soros writing for the Guardian. Islamic rapists, Islamic terrorists, and Soros, in the war against whitey any allies will do.

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