Better Common Denominator

20 06 2016

West End

Too long, but do read.

Ordinarily, I would be upset, and I’m still opposed.

Still, better than the dindus who surround them., and they’re certainly not going to put up with any dindushines.  Which is why I think our civic elite wants them so badly. They think that Syrians are the new Bosnians, and Bosnians at least for awhile saved Bevo and stopped the dindus in their tracks.

Also notice at the end that they can (and are) signing up for Medicaid, when many states are looking for any pretext they can to kick native born (white) citizens off of it.  Though Federal rules attached to Federal funding of state Medicaid programs probably prohibit states from having any latitude in this regard.




One response

21 06 2016

65-70% of men in prison in France are muslims. Right now muzzies are pretty quiet in the U.S. (except for all that terrorism) but let their numbers go above 5 or 10% and you may change your tune. They’re quiet right now because they’re afraid the invasion might be shut off. When they’re no longer afraid of that their real nature will come out. Just like in France, just like in England. Plus they all support gibs wherever they can sponge off of whites. They support the white-hating political left wherever they are. The last thing is the answer to the cuckservatives whine about how blacks are natural conservatives or how wonderful Asian immigrants are, etc. They overwhelmingly support the white-hating racist left that wants to see conservatism, white people, and Western civilization wiped off the face of the Earth. Their alleged positive qualities, both real and imagined, are irrelevant. What’s important is that your culture and people are being exterminated. Bad blacks, muzzie terrorists, “good” muzzies or asians, all contribute to the program of extermination, which is why the left supports them all.

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