Hide and Never Seek

20 06 2016


I don’t think that the redactions have anything to do with covering up some state secret or covering up Mateen’s frustrations over Obama’s drone strikes.  I think it’s as simple as the fact that Baraq H. Obama II is the world’s defense attorney for non-Arabic Islam, and also the current leader of the American Democrat political party.  In both his Muslimist and Democrat roles, he has a double incentive to censor the role that fundamentalist Islam had in Orlando, the latter is a matter of the fact that the Democrats are in deep shit denial that their coalition of the fringes is literally slaughtering each other.

We know what was redacted, and I’m surprised Obama didn’t have some CIA lab digitally alter into the 911 recordings Mateen’s voice seeming to say that the NRA and Trump ordered him to do it.




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20 06 2016
Hard Right

20 06 2016
20 06 2016
Hard Right

20 06 2016

Omitted, that’s what we can use for Muslims in the ((())) mold.

20 06 2016

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said in a speech Monday that the Orlando terrorist attack demonstrated the urgency of defeating the Islamic State terrorist organization, drawing a clearer connection between radical Islamic terror and the massacre than others in the Obama administration.

What does “Islamic State” have to do with Orlando? Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, either. Obama’s gonna have to take his own DefSec aside and read him the Riot…er, Narrative Act.

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