Magic and Tragic Dirt

20 06 2016


I found this gem while searching the Cleveland media for news about riots overexuberant bouncyball fans.

It’s a thing, but it’s not a brand new thing to me, because this kind of thing is discussed in St. Louis a lot, the zip code health gap.

But now I think it’s just another excuse for AFFH.  Notsam perhaps can help me, but I get the feeling that the Cleveland area zip codes 44103 and 44108 have a lot of gentrification potential and are close to Cleveland’s central business district.




3 responses

20 06 2016

Those zip codes haven’t recovered from the Hough riots in ’66. Young singles are moving downtown, but families are sticking to the burbs. I’m sure it’s much like StL.

20 06 2016

So I get the sense that not even SWPLs and hipsters are thinking about wanting to shovel the ooks out to move into this area. That still doesn’t mean that the other side hasn’t found yet another pseudo-rationale for AFFH that sounds all compassionate and social justicey.

20 06 2016

You are correct sir.

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