Seriously, This Is Hard?

20 06 2016


Steve Stenger, a South County resident, who represented the big South County council seat before he became County Executive, doesn’t want the MissingLink in South County.  For it would hasten the dinduification of South County, something which AFFH is going to kick off.

That wasn’t hard to figure out, now was it?




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21 06 2016

Related news, also not hard to figure out.

How much longer St. Louis County will even have this advance notification system, who knows. I’m sure part of AFFH is getting rid of such mechanisms so that white people aren’t aware of the diversity that’s about to be inflicted on them.

21 06 2016

i just want to say thank you for writing about stenger when the county vote was up a few years ago. I was going to vote steamer but then you opened my eyes.

21 06 2016

Rickroller Stream just got caught up in the middle of Ferguson politics that blew up at just the right or wrong time depending on your POV. He just happened to be the marginal beneficiary of Handsupdontshooters’ frustration with Stenger being so close to McCulloch. In a purely reactionary sense, that’s why I voted for Stenger. I also figured that if Stream won, he would have though he would have owed the ooks, and would have governed as an ook-lover, and that would have been a disaster. In reality, from my reading of him and experience with him when he was in the State House, he was an ordinary unremarkable mediocre Republican. That Stenger seems to have some serviceable instincts on these things like transit and AFFH, even if it’s not open and obvious about them, is something I didn’t know, and turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Then again, South Countians are South Countians.

21 06 2016

Look out, Steve Stenger: Tony Messenger has declared jihad against you. And remember, this is a man who has no compunction against concocting huge anti-Semitic whisper campaigns out of almost nothing. If he drops by here, reads this post and these comments, and even gets half a notion in his head that Stenger’s oppo to N-S ML is race related, then he’s gonna lose his lid.

23 06 2016

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