Entertaining Nonetheless

21 06 2016

Londonderry, New Hampshire

But all in all, it’s a whole lot of nothing.  But it does loop together a few recurring issues, including the Greitens-Brunner phone rant, and gives the P-D an opportunity to remind us that Jon Hamm is a native St. Louisan.

It probably also explains why John Brunner was the only candidate in the most recent debate to say that he wants Trump’s public endorsement.  Even though the actual paper trail between the two of them, considering this hoopla, is very tenuous.

The angle in the Brunner-Greitens phone rant that I’m interested in and still haven’t figured out, is this:  Why did Brunner, from Frotenac, and Greitens, from Creve Coeur, want to meet at the Starbucks that is both in the CWE and next to a place very dear to Rex Sinquefield’s heart, the World Chess Hall of Fame?




2 responses

22 06 2016
Hard Right

Damn pollsters are calling me again. Wanted to know if I’d ever heard of these guys and what I thought of them. Needless to say, there was no “Cuck” selection.

22 06 2016

I have had it told to me that people who are or were in the political polling business that, in spite of the supposedly random nature of those who are polled, that they will keep calling people who have responded to phone polling in the past.

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