It’s Not Easy Being Tree

21 06 2016


Nixon News Network:

MU Researcher: histories of segregation, racism limit blacks’ attendance at state, national parks

A researcher at the University of Missouri says he’s learned why ethnic minorities don’t visit national and state parks very often.

Studies have shown visitors to U.S. national and state parks are disproportionately white. The number of African-Americans who visit them is particularly small by comparison.

Assistant professor KangJae “Jerry” Lee said one reason is that blacks’ access to parks was limited during segregation.

It’s actually worse than that.  Parks have trees, and when black people see trees, they experience PTSD and flashbacks from being lynched.

I’m not kidding.




One response

21 06 2016
Alex the Goon

Don’t they also have the good kind of flashbacks, of when they used to swing from trees like Tarzan?

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