An Extra Breakfast Course

22 06 2016


Aside what I usually eat for breakfast when I’m home, I got a bonus course this morning.  One of my favorite things:  A contradiction to solve, a paradox to figure out, a square to circle.

How can the Jewish-dominated NYT approve of swimming pool sex segregation for Muslims but show disdain for it for Orthodox Jews?  What’s the through line?  Because anything you can think of offhand fails.

I think the common denominator is the religious group not mentioned here:  Christians, especially conservative-evangelicals.  That being the religious group that Jews in general and Jews at the NYT hate the most.  They figure that importing Muslims helps stick it to the Christians, and they have a disdain for Orthodox Jews for various reasons, and one of which is that conservative-evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews are political allies on occasion.

Paradox solved, before the orange juice.





3 responses

22 06 2016
Stan d Mute

Another thought is the secular and moderate modern “sophisticated” Jew must be a bit embarrassed by his orthodox cousin. In the 21st century, the funny head bobbing Amish attired comically superstitious ways of the orthodox and ultra orthodox make Judaism look like the Iron Age primitive cultish behavior they privately mock in Islam. They don’t care what the Muslims do because the Jews think themselves vastly superior. But how can they be vastly superior when more religiously observant Jews (thus arguably better Jews) do shit that’s just as silly? Thus, “knock it off Moishe, you’re making us look silly.”

23 06 2016

Orthodox Jews are just another group being ridden to power by the creatures who now go by the term “Reform Jews” or “atheist Jews.” The support of Orthodox Jewry for those monstrosities is as insensible as the support that Christian Zionists and Millenial atheists offer to various “Jewish” agendas. That doesn’t mean the real Jews are blameless for their choices, anymore than SWPLs are, but in the long run, they’re just another host community.

23 06 2016

Orthodox Jews are a safe-goat for the Times. They’re untouchable in the real world, so the Times can criticize them and pretend that it has principles other than a genocidal hatred of white people. (Support of Islam is a proxy for race.) They won’t touch illegal Jewish discrimination in the media, for example, probably the worst industrial racism in America today, and occasionally taking a potshot at the Orthos helps them get away with it.

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