Coming of Age

22 06 2016

Richmond Heights

In the original Roots, and I’m guessing the current reboot, Kunta Kinte and young African men of his tribe had to prove their manhood by capturing a chicken without killing it and returning it to the tribe unharmed.

Today, in the United States of America, young African men have to prove their manhood by demonstrating their ability to insert a 9.5 inch diameter orange ball through an 18 inch wide round metallic hole set ten feet above the ground, and with a success rate above 0.5 roughly upon multiple attempts.





2 responses

26 06 2016

I thought they proved their manhood by having LeVar Burton morph into John Amos?

29 06 2016
HBD On Parade | Countenance Blog

[…] And you thought I was crazy when I drew the parallel between basketball and coming-of-age rituals. […]

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