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22 06 2016



Millennial: Trump Should Find a Way to Forgive Student Loan Debt

RUSH: Here’s Eric in San Diego.  I’m glad you called, sir.  It’s great to have you next on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  I just wanted to tell you to tell Trump that if he wants to get the Millennial vote, he should make it where student loans are forgiven through bankruptcy.

Trump has kinda hinted around that.  Watch him hit the pedal to the medal in September and October.




8 responses

22 06 2016
Dale Gribble

Congress made it nearly impossible to discharge student loan debt to placate Clinton’s friends’ diploma mills. It should be difficult but not impossible to discharge or reorganize student loan debt in bankruptcy.

22 06 2016
Nicholas Stix

Just a day or two ago, I remarked to The Boss that we’ll end up getting screwed that way.

We had to make a 20% down payment on our place, thanks to a racist, Moslem bank worker (paper shuffler at the bottom of the pyramid; I had to go over her head, or we would have lost our mortgage and our first 10% down payment, and been stuck in renters’ hell). We’ve never missed, or been late with a mortgage payment. Our plan is to pay for The Boss’ Boss’ education, without taking out any loans, but if we do take out a loan, we’ll pay it back with interest, while the deadbeats, especially the colored ones, will get a free ride. Free rides for deadbeats, colored or no, are not ok in our book. If Trump gives the deadbeats a loan amnesty, then he has to go the full Bern, and give everyone free higher ed.

Free universal higher ed would break the system. The system requires that whites be pickpocketed, on behalf of blacks, Hispanics, other colored people (Moslems, Indians?), and white racial socialists (profs and administrators).

For a few years, some observers, you included, if memory serves, have predicted that the student loan bubble would be the next meltdown. Maybe so, but in diversity economics, one meltdown after another is inevitable. You have a society that is dominated (even without being a majority) by colored deadbeats with no work ethic, no respect for the law, and low IQs, who expect whites to pay for themselves and for them and their kids, even as the whites are increasingly pushed out of the workplace.

The racial socialist welfare state was illegal, unconstitutional, and a moral outrage, back when it began in 1964, but it was economically viable, so long as the nation was 90% white and 10% black. It has been collapsing since at least 2007, when GWB and the banks realized Jack Kemp’s dream, by giving millions of Hispanic and black deadbeats “free” home mortgages, thereby causing the Minority Mortgage Meltdown.

As for millennials? Screw ‘em. Most of them don’t vote, anyway, and if their few votes come with a price tag of loan amnesty, and Trump agrees to pay it, those of us who pay our own bills will have to reconsider both voting for him, and paying our bills. Why should we carry a nation of deadbeats?

22 06 2016

Only thing I would say is the subprime lending boon began under Clinton with his administration forcing fannie and freddie to ease credit standards.

22 06 2016
Original Laura

In the 1970s, student loans were treated like other debts in bankruptcy. In the 1980s I think that there was a waiting period after graduation before you could discharge the debts in bankruptcy. This was instituted due to abuse of student loans — people would take out the maximum for college and graduate school and then file for bankruptcy in the spring semester of their final year of school. As they were unemployed, the debts were discharged. When the waiting period was instituted, I think it was for five or seven years after graduation you could not discharge the debts.

Sometime in the late 80s, the system was changed again so that the debts were virtually undischargeable.

I’m in favor of returning to a modified version of the middle regime. Judges should have the discretion to discharge debts in cases of extreme hardship, and beginning seven years after graduation, student loans should be treated like all other debts.

22 06 2016
john jones

Yes, do it Don! It would also take the focus of Trump U (which is largely unfair, but … it is what it is).

23 06 2016
Hard Right

While I’d love to stick it to the banksters, the trouble is that student loans are guaranteed by the Gooberment.

If the loans are discharged through bankruptcy, the taxpayers end up footing the bill.

23 06 2016

Well I’d certainly like Trump to hit on disparate impact and what that did to the price of an education, and likewise just how immigration has destroyed youth employment.

I will say that while I’m not in favor of usury, they should have to(and be able to) pay back the loan they took out.

25 06 2016

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