Final Outrage

23 06 2016

Santa Barbara, California

Yeah, so?

We’re only a few years away from it being a civil right and a letter in the acronym and opposition to it being pathologized as a phobia, soon to be followed by full support from Silicon Valley, Wall Street and the Democrat Party, and not long after that, NRO will have an article entitled, “The Conservative Case for Hebephilia,” some on the alt-right will claim that hebephilia is a form of implicit whiteness, and about a fifth of the commenters on alt-right sites will be yelling at people who are opposed to pedophilia to drop the social issues.

Plain words, if pedophila and hebephilia offend you, this will probably be the last time you have official permission to be outraged upon a likely occurrence of them.




3 responses

23 06 2016

The unconventional conservatism of not protecting ones children.

23 06 2016
Alex the Goon

NRO is already infested with “conservative” heebophiles.

24 06 2016

It’s not a coincidence that the (((Torah))) is pro-pedophilia and nominally anti-homosexuality, nor that the twentieth-century Jewish infiltration of Euro society was the inverse (nominally anti-pedophilia, pro-homosexuality). Having one or the other as friend or enemy at any given point in time allows the topic to be used as a wedge issue against the host society.

Look at what (((they))) have been doing in Muslim societies for centuries: a combination of extreme pro-pedophilia and anti-homosexuality. I’d like to think that Euros can someday remove all vestiges of Torah from their culture.

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