Last Day of School

23 06 2016

Washington, D.C.

On the Texas affirmative action case and the immigration case:

(1) I was never optimistic about the Fisher case, at least in terms of the Federal courts invalidating the Texas top ten percent system, because I can’t think of any Federal constitutional grounds to invalidate it.

(2) I’m definitely happy with the immigration decision, except I don’t think it’ll actually matter, because Baraq Obama will probably keep on paddling in spite of the decision.  Or, if he wants to pretend to comply with the court decision, his lawyers can cook up some way to do what he wants effectively while complying with the court.  All the court decision means was all the court case was all about when you get down to the bare metal of the hard drive:  Whether the executive branch had the legal authority to hand out work permits to “undocumented” persons en masse and like candy, and the effective ruling of SCOTUS today was that the answer is no.  Obama can keep on not enforcing immigration law, and as far as that goes, what else is new?  But in theory, because the “undocumented” won’t have work permits, they won’t be able to work.

But there are two ways which I think Obama can do an end-run around this decision:  One, bring deportation civil cases against illegal aliens he wants to have work permits.  That’s because once the Feds do, the illegal alien gets a work permit pending the outcome of the case, and of course, the Feds won’t exactly push hard in their end of these civil cases.  Two, a work permit allows someone to hire an undocumented person without fear of Federal prosecution of hiring an illegal alien, therefore, all Obama needs to do is telegraph through back channels that there will be no prosecution of those who hire illegal aliens without work permits, and that, depending on how the election turns out, if Trump wins, then Obama will do a mass pardon for those that do on the morning of January 20 so that Trump’s incoming Attorney General can’t prosecute them, or if Hillary wins, she’ll continue the non-prosecution policy.




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23 06 2016

” then Obama will do a mass pardon for those that do on the morning of January 20 so that Trump’s incoming Attorney General can’t prosecute them” – perhaps, but I think Trump understands how to use ones power to punish your enemies. I don’t think they are going to be particularly inclined to stick their necks out like this.

23 06 2016
Hard Right

23 06 2016
Hard Right

23 06 2016

I think this bit about “Becky with the bad grades” is an allusion to the Beyonce lyric “Becky with the Good Hair,” because the song makes fun of BM-WF pairings and BF jealousy of WF “good hair.”

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