24 06 2016

New York

Some of the same people who say that money in politics is the worst thing in the world are lauding Hillary Clinton for raising lots of money and making fun of Donald Trump for not doing so.




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24 06 2016

Some of the same people who denounce burgeoning wealth and income inequality are saying today that Brexit is bad because the fifteen individual richest Britons have lost an aggregate of $5.5 billion of net worth today.

The cynic in me (though I repeat myself) might think that all this liberal talk about the evils of money in politics and the evils of growing economic inequality is disingenuous for the most part, that they’re just bullshitting us, namely, their own base voters, for vote grifting.

24 06 2016

The distinguishing factor is whose money. The brilliance of the staged opposition between Rand and Marx is that anger is focused on industrial capital, which Euros-as-creators necessarily are permitted a larger part in, and thereby deflected away from finance capital, which is more the province of anti-creative demons.

Ergo things like the Clintons’ wealth, earned by producing nothing useful, are celebrated, while Trump’s wealth, earned at least in part by constructing useful buildings, are condemned.

24 06 2016

they aren’t self aware, but are just virtue signaling aps.

26 06 2016

“the fifteen individual richest Britons have lost an aggregate of $5.5 billion of net worth today.”

Averaging $366 million apiece?

Good lord, that’s nothing. California’s got 56 billionaires in the heavily Dem Bay Area alone.


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