“Gay Inc”

25 06 2016

San Francisco

Parade routes pass by a lot of intersections.  This parade passes by a lot of intersectionalities.

Scuba gear, because we’re going in deep to this one.

Too straight, white and corporate: why some queer people are skipping SF Pride


“It just feels like a big Miller Lite tent,” said Birnbaum, 31. “With the corporate floats … it’s co-opting queer identity as a way to make money.”

You LGBTQers wanted to be mainstream, and now you got your wish.

On Friday, Black Lives Matter announced that it was pulling out as a grand marshal, due to concerns about the police’s plan to have an increased presence at the parade and heightened security measures.

No comment.  None needed.

“Pride really should be for queer folks,” said Amy Sueyoshi, a lifelong San Francisco resident, who identifies as genderqueer. “It’s not for straight people to demonstrate their queer-friendliness. I’d like that they do that in their daily lives.”

You LGBTQers wanted straight allies and “straight but not narrow” solidarity, and now you got your wish.

Although the festival adopted a “racial and economic justice” theme this year, the dominating presence of corporations, including the major Silicon Valley technology companies, is still a source of tension in a city struggling with rapidly rising rents and displacement.

One of the major LGBTQetc organizations is called GetEQUAL.  My advice to them isn’t to GetEQUAL, it’s to GetCYNICAL.  Maybe you all should consider the possibility that corporate embrace of SJW and the increasing power and wealth of corporations and very rich individuals is related.

LGBT activists said it can be frustrating to see Facebook, Google, Uber, Lyft, Salesforce and other tech firms sponsoring and marching in the parade, knowing that they are part of an industry that is greatly exacerbating income inequality in the region.

You LGBTQers wanted corporations to be gay-friendly, and now you got your wish.

“It’s ironic to walk alongside tech companies that have displaced us,” said Isa Noyola, a transgender Latina activist and director of programs at the Transgender Law Center, which relocated from San Francisco to Oakland in 2013.

Be warned, Intersectional Queen:  It won’t be that much longer until even Oakland gets too expensive for you.

In addition to low-income queer people who can no longer afford to live in San Francisco, queer social justice groups and beloved gay bars have also struggled to stay in the city.

Here we go again:  You LGBTQers won, and now you have to live with your victory.

“It’s basically commercial advertising everywhere,” he said. “It just seems like what I’d call Gay Inc. We’re just one more thing for people to purchase.”


Each year, Jolivette said, the parade looks more and more like a carnival for straight people coming from outside of San Francisco. “When it starts to feel like the straight people are outnumbering the queers, that’s not a Pride parade to me,” he said.

Straight but not narrow.

But, Ekanem added, it’s important that wealthy corporations participating in the celebrations donate funds in a substantial way – to marginalized groups and causes that most need the financial support.

Repeat after me:  The left-of-center social justice agenda is a front for increasing corporate wealth and power.

“Many people have contacted SF Pride to say they are coming this year in solidarity with those who lost their lives in the Orlando terrorist attack,” he said

There will be lots and lots of generic outrage, but very little noticing.

The moral of the story is that people really ought to be careful what they wish for, because they just might get it.




5 responses

25 06 2016

What it was always about was more status for them. so SJWs taking their movement and turning it into status for SJWs has to rankle.

26 06 2016

Laser sharp and spot on, Count.

FWIW queens have been bitching about the beer tent at SF Pride for 25 years now. SF has been gentrifying for at least that long, but they keep moving there.

They should be glad corporations are paying attention. More and more of the rest of us–even those of us who used to have a live-and-let-live attitude toward rod riders and carpet munchers (I had better things to concern myself with)–wouldn’t bat an eye if that 2.6% were gayraptured Over The Rainbow tomorrow. Who wants to be around walking petri dishes?

I’d think queers would embrace having their degeneracy transmogrified into gentrification. Rather than into, oh, I don’t know, rapid selection out of the gene pool.

Perhaps you remember this:


On the petri dish thing, we were kicking around at the supper table this weekend the idea of a municipal Plague Tax on all Pride events and sales. The money would go into partly offsetting the hundreds of millions of dollars in Obamacare that will flow to all those who pick up new STDs on Pride Weekend.

26 06 2016
Hard Right

They just miss the good ol’ days.

Major Trigger Warning. Definitely NSFW. Keep Barf Bag Handy.

27 06 2016
Hard Right

28 06 2016
Hard Right

Transgender Ideology: Obama Bans Single-Sex Bathrooms at National Parks


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