26 06 2016

Tower Grove South


Find out what they did.

What really interests me here isn’t what they did, but where they did it.  It was at the corner of Grand and Chippewa.  That area on Grand between Chippewa and Gravois, and parts just to the north and just to the south, is the most diverse part of St. Louis City.  And when I say “diverse,” I mean the literal dictionary definition of it, the Shannon-Weaver Index sense of the word.  Domestic blacks, immigrant blacks, South Asian immigrants, late 1990s Bosnian refugees, native born whites, Hispanics, Indochinese (Vietnam-era refugees), LGBTQ, Knockout Martin Luther King players and victims, all converge on that area.  And it’s the kind of area that if you didn’t know that and were placed there blindfolded, you’d sense something not quite right about it, some eerie feeling in the air.

So if diversity is supposed to be so great, then why all this?  Why this news?  In this case, it’s one of the rare instances when one of us did something to one of them.




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