AQAP: Avoid Problematic Intersectionalities

27 06 2016


AQAP:  ISIS screwed up in Orlando by slaughtering others on the progressivetard stack, and that forced the American media not to give ISIS and Islam the credit it deserved.  Therefore, going forward, only slaughter cishet white men and their wives, the kind of people that vote Republican.  Since the media don’t care about those people, they won’t have any reason not to give Islam its due credit for the attack.  In fact, they’ll have an incentive to do so, because they’ll be happy about who got killed.  P.S.:  Also avoid using guns, in order not to give the American media any excuse to blame the NRA.




2 responses

27 06 2016
Hard Right

27 06 2016
Alex the Goon

They tried shooting us in Texas once, at the Moe-hammad cartoon festival. We fucked them up.

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