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27 06 2016

Washington, D.C.


BROOKS:  I’m as pro-immigration as the day is long, but we’ve asked a lot of people who are suffering in this economy to accept extremely radically high immigration levels, and we’ve probably over-flooded the system.  And, so, while it’s easy, and I do condemn the vote to get out, a little humility is in order on the part of the establishment, frankly, that we’ve flooded the system with more than it can handle, and, secondly, we’ve not provided a good nationalism —

RUSH:  Whoa.

BROOKS:  — a good patriotism that is cosmopolitan, that is outward-spanning and that is confident and therefore a bad form of parochial inward-looking Trump nationalism has had free rein.

“A good nationalism, a good patriotism, that is cosmopolitan, that is outward-spanning…(as opposed to the)…bad form of parochial inward-looking Trump ‘nationalism'” (Really, more like alt-center citizenism, but who’s counting, right?) — What does that even mean?  You all know I’m all about the paradoxes and contradictions, the margins and differentials.  I just can’t square the circle around a cosmopolitan and outward-spanning variety of nationalism and patriotism.




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27 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

David Crooks has obviously been hitting the happy juice since the juice in the bad apple woke up to some bad news. Their time is up, so they’ll keep doubling down til the end. Is it hubris? Nah, its that they’re clueless.

27 06 2016

civic nationalism that people actually buy, including the new arrivals(the sticking point). Trump isn’t for ethnic nationalism, but only ethnic Americans, to the extent there is such a thing, are flocking to his banner in any large numbers.

Alternatively: “Now that you’re credibly threatening to throw us all out, we’re willing to negotiate.”

27 06 2016
David In TN

Interesting to see Mark Shields, didn’t know he was still around as I don’t watch these shows anymore.

Shields had been a sort of working-class Democrat and seems to realize there is no such thing with any influence nowadays.

27 06 2016
Hard Right

I don’t think I’ve seen him since he used to do Crossfire with Novak.

27 06 2016
David In TN

Scott McConnell has a piece in The American (Cuck)servative titled “Why Trump Wins.” In it McConnell goes back to where he was when he helped found TAC.

28 06 2016

The good cosmo patriotism is Jew patriotism for America.

28 06 2016

You’re squaring the circle here as well as anyone can, even in a way I forgot. This is probably kosher nationalism, that is, universalism dressed up in a very thin superficial veneer of civic nationalism, without a hint of racial or ethno nationalism.

28 06 2016
john jones

Good job blogmeister. Good catch.

28 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Patriotism without nationalism? Kind of like religion without God, hmmm? Another jewish “innovation” no doubt. What exactly are people supposed to be patriotic towards? That mythical “proposition nation”? The proposition that all animals are equal, but SOME PIGS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS eh?

28 06 2016
Nicholas Stix

David Brooks has for years tried to somehow be “interesting,” without saying anything, so that he can keep his job working for a communist, and pay for summer homes and his kids’ OPU educations. That results in his writing a lot of nonsense, which is why I rarely read him anymore.

(By the way, Brooks’ red boss, Pinch Sulzberger, who is often mischaracterized as a Jew, is in fact an Episcopalian.)

The other day, you cited an example of Tony Messenger writing incoherent nonsense in the P-D. Journalism, including crime reporting, is increasingly vacuous and incoherent, when it is not a series of slogans and lies, because anything else is forbidden.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

28 06 2016

High quality gibberish. It must be gibberish, but it also has to be high quality. They’re all competing with each other to find out whose gibberish is of the highest quality.

It’s like I have said about the Jerry Springer Show of the 1994-97 time frame, before it got really trashy, and of the first iteration of Beavis and Butt-Head, in about the same time frame: Yes, they were trash, but they were high quality trash.

29 06 2016
Hard Right

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