Pseudo Fun Season Begins This Evening

28 06 2016


County fair season at least for me begins this evening, starting with Warren County.  To be followed by Lincoln, St. Charles, Montgomery, Washington Town & Country (what Franklin County calls its fair), and I’ll even make a brief stop at Fair St. Louis.  And then, of course, the State Fair.

I don’t have much fun at these things; county fairs and the State Fair are a great networking and gossipmongering and lobbying opportunity.  The good news is that my entrance is comped.

Also the good news is that the furnace has turned off at just the right time.




5 responses

28 06 2016

Any Obama rodeo cowboys or the like expected this year?

28 06 2016

After 2013, the State Fair officially prohibited all forms of fun.

29 06 2016
Hard Right

Are you stuck in the heat all day, or do you only have to go at night?

29 06 2016

No heat so far yesterday evening and this evening. I’ll show up around 5 and leave about 10. Maybe show up later and leave earlier. All depending on the gossip scene.

I played some ball toss game tonight and won a free day pass to one of the remaining days of Warren County. Though, since my entry is comped, my prize is useless to me. Luckily, I found someone to give it to.

2 07 2016

You think state and county fairs are hot in summer, go to “Farm Progress Days” type heavy metal shows. Pigs and midway rides absorb a lot less heat than combines the size of your house.

Not just the heat either. I thought it was bad one year being next to the phalanx of new-rubber-tired machinery at 95 F. The next year the temps were in the triple digits for a week (it is still remembered as The Summer of the Exploding Cows), and I drew a booth in the tent right next to the hog sewage lagoon…and the next booth over was the cow with the porthole in her side. Pig shit and rumen.

Have a great fair season.

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