28 06 2016

Richmond, Virginia

We were all worried about nothing.

Of the 206,000 eligible people that the Governor’s order re-enfranchised, only 7,500 have actually registered.  Which is a small detail that this article seems to gloss over and totally miss, in order to hit on its main point, which is the advance notification that certain activist groups got from the Governor’s office before he officially announced, to give them time to organize, though as we can see, it was pretty much for naught statistically speaking.  What it also means is that I should haven’t been so worried; I’m a bit disappointed in myself for not predicting this and refusing to participate in the boilerplate sky-is-falling panic in earnest. We know why Terry McAuliffe did it, to swing Virginia for the Clintons, as this is why the Clinton machine spent so much energy getting him as Governor in 2013, but I never guess his first big putsch in that stead would be such a box office flop.  It’s like the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1, a whole lot of smoke but hardly any fire.  All these Hispanic/Latino/immigrant voter registration and citizenship drives this year are the same kind of failures.

Whenever a politician is banking on the youth vote, the Hispanic vote and/or the felon vote, he’s pretty much writing his concession speech.




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28 06 2016

They still have a few months to get out the criminal vote.

28 06 2016

In the just-concluded Brexit vote, overall voter turnout was 76 percent. Turnout went up in each increasing age bracket, topping out at 85 percent for the oldest. The youngest cohort–who, the media would have us believe, are filled with granny hatred for betraying their future–largely couldn’t be bothered to vote. Only 36 percent turned up.

28 06 2016

More old people, as a percentage of their group, voted remain than young people did as a percentage of their group.

28 06 2016

Speaking of McAuliffe:


Though they probably shouldn’t have been so quick to apologize; it will probably be accurate at some point in the future. As it is, I’m starting to think that the Clintons are setting McAuliffe up as the fall guy.

21 07 2016
HRC’s OODA Loop | Countenance Blog

[…] in as Virginia Governor, in order to help HRC win the state; the felon enfranchisement, as much as a flop as it turned out to be, is one […]

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