Dindu to Hindu

29 06 2016


Seems like she doesn’t honor diversity.

Oh yeah, she loves diversity when diversity means swag bags for her, but not if it means she has to be considerate of anyone else.

Ironically, the likely next U.S. Senator from California is a woman whose father is Jamaican and whose mother is Indian, and who herself is a lite-brite.  We in the alt-right call her the Hindu-Dindu.  Of course I’m referring to Kamala Harris.




One response

1 07 2016
Area Man

This is the man that the “goddess” made “antisemitic” comments about.
Am I the only one getting more of a Guido vibe than a Kosher one from this guy?
All he is missing is a large gold chain and a duck face.

Hindu dindu and Kosher Guido. The 4 taste that don’t taste great together.

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