HBD On Parade

29 06 2016


H/T True News USA

“Becoming a Man, Sports Edition.”

And you thought I was crazy when I drew the parallel between basketball and coming-of-age rituals.

Anyway, here’s the takeaway:

This finding is consistent with a growing body of research showing that “social-cognitive” skills such as impulse control, future orientation, and conflict resolution are predictive of a wide range of key life outcomes.

In other words, HBD on parade.

This also means that the University of Chicago et al are engaged in racial alchemy, trying to turn black people into white people, instill into them the long-evolved mores of white people listed above, and that way, presto chango, white people with really dark tans.  The problem is that in today’s SJW climate, it won’t take them long to start screaming about the racism of it all; in fact, as early as ten years ago, they were.

Another problem with this study is that it’s making a lot of outlandish extrapolations based on its under 0.2 standard deviation improvements in certain metrics over a relatively short time span.  These authors already have these young men graduating from high school at higher rates, and therefore, earning a lot more money in the above board employment world than they otherwise would have, and therefore, committing way fewer crimes as adults than they otherwise would have, and mashing it all up and figuring that since they’ll be paying way more in taxes and not being an incarceration burden and expense, we’ll practically wipe out the deficit in no time.  These authors would do well to brush up on their Robert Burns, that whole “gang aft agley” part.




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