Lite Brite Panther

29 06 2016



He was a national officer and the local leader of the National Revolutionary Black Panther Party.

Who, this honky?

Second cousin of Shawn King, I presume.




One response

2 07 2016
Area Man

I see his Afreaka necklace. For a while the trend for “Back to da mudder country dindus” in my area was to wear a large patch with Afreaka on it, and then pin point the area of origin of your ancestors with a chrome naked lady pin. It was the design like you see on truck mudflaps.

I don’t know if this was a school project or what. I only ever saw it in one little town in Southern Illinois but I saw it several times in the space of a few years.

My thought was if you know the exact location, what is stopping ya?
Get on the next flight. Show us evil crackers what the world will be like without basket ball.

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