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29 06 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Even though I’ve written a few parody news stories in this space over the years, I can’t honestly claim credit for this.  I wish I would have thought of it, though.  And it’s going in the blogroll.

As it is, their loop trolley story has already pranked enough important people as legitimate news.  Making this St. Louis’s analogue of those National Report type outfits.  Though it’s better described as St. Louis’s Onion, as I think this person knows that most people reading what he writes will know it’s parody.  National Report, OTOH, is deliberately deceptive, it reads like real news and therefore can bamboozle a lot of people.  That damned National Report ran a story last year claiming that Louis Head, Michael Brown’s pseudo-stepfather, was indicated for riot incitement for his “burn this bitch down” provocation after the no true bill announcement.  A few people I follow fell for it hook line and sinker, though the easy way I could tell that it was fake news, other than the fact that it was on National Report, is that if it was real news, it would have been the biggest news in St. Louis on that day, and it wasn’t news anywhere in the local mainstream.

And also, “Bill McLOLan.”  Clever.




One response

2 07 2016
Area Man

First story I read and he pegs the cuck-o-meter. Does anyone honestly believe if a Christian had said the same things the Orlando shooter did that the FBI would have investigated twice and said “Nothing to see here?”

0bama ordering the words muslim and islamic removed from training is how this happened. Unless you ask this guy, republican anti gay hate and gun worship is the problem.

What a cuck

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