OnMessageForHer = DemsRRealRacist

29 06 2016

Conservative Pundit = Hillary PR Team.

They’re the same person.

Here’s the proof.

When this article was written, the embedded tweets were from “Conservative Pundit” (@DemsRRealRacist), back when he was still in character, parodying a generic cuckservative lamer con pundit.  The actual tweet contents are still the same, but the Twitter account names have changed, now they seem to come from “Hillary PR Team” (@OnMessageForHer).  That proves that all CP did was change the names on his existing account.




4 responses

29 06 2016
Steve Sailer

Shhhhhh …

29 06 2016

Probably not Pulitzer fodder anyway. Back to the drawing board.

29 06 2016
29 06 2016

I just thought they were different smart asses.

And I’m quickly losing my throne as the snarkiest bastard on Twitter.

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