Church State Separation

30 06 2016


But not synagogue-state separation.

I wonder if many of these congregants are also donors to the ACLU, which is ever on the lookout for such infamous examples of creeping theocracy such as roadside crosses marking fatal car wrecks.

It states that these institutions face acute threats.  From whom?  Are we allowed to know that?  Or is that something these congregants aren’t comfortable with us thinking about, because they don’t want us to get in the habit of thinking about [omitted] because then our brackets will turn into (((parentheses)))?  Of course, if the acute threat was from people in roughly my neck of the political woods, it would have been clearly stated.




3 responses

1 07 2016

Any chance of it being challenged?

1 07 2016

Challenges would be anti-Semitic, because Holocaust.

1 07 2016

Challenge would be nice – at least to get them on the record for approving something like this.
Having a “record” can be handy for the future.

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