This Afternoon

1 07 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Friday before a three-day weekend, so the ideal time to unload some inconvenient news.




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1 07 2016

Looks like we didn’t need to wait until the afternoon to get it. Lynch is going to follow the FBI’s recommendation. A lot of people are thinking that that means the FBI is going to want to indict and she will. Unfortunately, I think it’s just the opposite: This tarmac meeting was Lynch’s way of sending a message to the FBI to back off, so I predict that they’ll issue some press release with the usual CYA bureaucratese (“mistakes were made,” “the system failed”), but then say that nobody did anything criminal, or if anyone did, it’ll be some middling bureaucrat fall guy, or Terry McAuliffe, or Huma Abedin. But not Hillary.

2 07 2016
Alex the Goon

And a few years later, some senior FBI agent will retire and publish a tell-all, listing all 99 counts of treason she should have been charged with. Conserative pundits will outrage at the dishonest Democrats, Darrell Issa will head an investigative committee, and nothing will happen. Just another episode in the R-versus-D sports opera.

1 07 2016

Also can you believe 2016 is already half over?

I thought to myself a few days ago, back on the 25th, that we just got through with last Christmas, and we’re already halfway to next Christmas.

2 07 2016
David In TN

The older you get the faster the years go by. The longest year I ever spent was the first grade of school.

2 07 2016

My theory on that is that with each passing fixed amount of time, it becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of your already lived life it gets. For instance, when you turn 10, the previous decade was 100% of your life. When you turn 20, the previous decade was 50% of your life. When you turn 40, the previous decade was 25% of your life. And so on.

2 07 2016
Alex the Goon

And yet old people always take so damn long to do anything. You’d think they’d move faster, realizing death is drawing closer and closer, and they need to make the most of every dwindling minute.

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