Yellow Lives Matter

2 07 2016

Berkeley, California

Why is it that Asian women have been particularly obnoxious lately?

First it was the Battle of Sacramento.

Now this.

I think the through-line you can draw between the two of them, and this is especially true with Miss Lam’s rant, relates to something that has been one of my recent themes in this space.  The moving goalpost nature of the definition of diversity, and the fact that it constantly goes back and forth over Asians.  Miss Lam is appropriating present day pop black slang and neologisms (*) because she’s trying to act like a de facto black woman, and the reason she’s doing that is because she’s trying to hook Asians onto the Black Lives Matter cause, and the reason she’s doing that is that she’s begging them and the left in general to keep Asians on the diverse side of the moving goalpost.  It has to burn Silicon Valley Asians up that they’re not counted as diverse, and in fact, considered honorary white people, when the public and private diversity bean counters start kvetching about CSIT-STEM diversity or the lack thereof.

(*) – For example, “Becky” is black, esp. black woman, slang, for white women.  Beyonce has a new song out called “Lemonade,” and one of the lyrics is “Becky with the good hair.”  (Because BW are pretty obsessed with hair.)  The song is supposedly an implicit slap to her husband, Jay-Z, rumored stepping out on her with some white woman.  You also saw black Twitter drag this Becky thing out when they made fun of Abigail Fisher in the Fisher v Texas case with the hashtag #BeckyWithTheBadGrades.  Also, “fuck boy” also comes out of modern black slang, though that is usually a matter of black men using it to refer to other black men, “fuck boy” generally means weakling or wuss or coward.




8 responses

2 07 2016

Two things:

1) If she indeed admitted to a non-consensual sex act with “Sam”. Why hasn’t she been involved in a “sexual assault” investigation and removed from campus?

2) As asked in the paper: Had a white person wrote the analog to this, they’d been put out of the school. Why hasn’t this person been removed?

Now to answer my own questions:

1) Because vagina.
2) Because Asian vagina.

Those wondering why Trump is doing so well need only look at this example of blatant hypocrisy. Either practice the equality you talk about or admit you’re full of shit.

2 07 2016

Maybe she wants us to think that Sam is entirely culpable for the non-consensual sex. Except it plainly states that she says she initiated it, so there goes that theory.

Personally, I think she’s blowing a whole lot of smoke, I don’t think much of her rant is true. She probably doesn’t have a WW roommate named “Becky” or otherwise, she probably never had a white boyfriend, named “Sam” or otherwise.

2 07 2016

Another piece of evidence that she’s imitating modern black youth (“youth,” in relative terms) politics: She rants about gentrification and white hipsters in oppressing (non-white) cultures. In reality, white gentrification almost always works to the benefit of Asians, when and where Asians are numerous enough to matter, if Asians aren’t right there with whites doing the gentrifying. It does hurt blacks, (in spite of the fact that a conga line of quacks like Raj Chetty and many others are trying to make them think that they’re being helped), so her moaping about how gentrification hurts has to be a function of her pretending to be a black woman.

2 07 2016

only the ugly ones.

“She describes a sexual romp with a blue eyed white man” – shit that didn’t happen even before reading the rest of the description.

2 07 2016

Girls like Lam hate white men until they find themselves able to land one of them, at which point the transition from SJW to 3D waifu/hapa factory commences.

3 07 2016


And from that perspective, Asian women have ALWAYS been obnoxious.

More accurately, they hate white women, so do whatever it takes to score a white man. Posing as docile, while actually holding the whip. There are a lot of men who like that sort of thing, I’m told.

Till white men stop hating white women, this shit will continue. YKW have been driving our men and women against each other for a ling time.

I’m going to let that typo stand.

3 07 2016

Yet she claims she had one. I’m with you, if she had one, she wouldn’t hate white men, which is more evidence that she never had “Sam.”

2 07 2016

Bottomless bitterness at not having been born white.

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