Dueling Doting Dads

4 07 2016


Mother Jones:

Earl Ehrhart is worried about his sons. Two of the boys attend Georgia public universities, and Ehrhart, a state representative from the Atlanta suburbs, has heard all about the college sexual-misconduct hearings in which young men are presumed guilty until proven innocent. The proceedings are flawed, he says, they’re like “kangaroo courts.” And their rulings are so biased against the accused, Ehrhart fears that his boys—as with male students across the state—could end up expelled based on a false accusation of rape.

Followed by a lot of fair reporting, especially considering the source.

And this is rather ironic.  Of the three major theories I have floated to explain this tenacious paranoia about college rape culture and how it’s ramrodding over due process and establishing these kangaroo courts, the one that seems to fit the best is the helicopter father protecting daddy’s little girl.  But we have to remember that middle aged men are also the fathers of college aged sons.  I should have known that eventually, the politics of this would result in a Maginot Line of fathers protecting their sons on one side and fathers protecting their daughters on the other side.

It’s a new spin on a very old wheel, prospective in-laws not getting along.





One response

4 07 2016
Alex the Goon

And the third set of White fathers, overlapping the other two sets, defending their adopted negroball players.

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