One Jot or One Tittle Shall in No Wise Pass

4 07 2016


And all was fulfilled.

He initially quit after last year’s MP elections, but the party wouldn’t accept it.  I presume this time, it’s for good and for real.  Because he and the party have achieved their keystone accomplishment.  That’s one thing that several observers made, that UKIP will probably go out of business because it now has no reason to exist.  And actually, I think that’s going to be long run net positive, because now this clears the British rightist political space for genuine ethnonationalism.




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4 07 2016

it can’t really be the UKIP since the UK is split down the middle on the issue. England, Wales, and Ulster want out, and Scotland, Future north Nigeria, and Londonistan want to remain.

4 07 2016

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