Poison Room

4 07 2016

Anaheim, California

I want to like this piece, because there’s a whole lot to like.

Except at every turn, after he fairly accurately describes problems, Kotkin drops trou and shits on the obvious solutions.

If you were in a room with an unlocked door as the only way out of it, and someone truthfully told you that the room’s air was filling with poison, but then turned around and tried to convince you not to open the door and walk about, what are you think about his intentions?  Are you to think that his telling you about the poison is some sort of magnanimity?  Or maybe what you should be thinking is that his telling you about the problem but dissuading you from taking the only known solution is some sort of game playing and scam?

Now I’m starting to figure out why many of you reading these words are suspicious about Charles Murray.  Especially in light of the fact that he’s still in 24/7 hate Trump mode, when Trump seems to want to solve some of the problems Murray has said he’s been worried about for years.





2 responses

5 07 2016

He lists five reasons for what we are observing throughout the West, but they basically boil down to two…cultural identity and race. One group of people, and only that group, is being told that they have neither. I pray that those people wake up.

5 07 2016

I read it – I liked it – yet found some of it troubling.
I suspect he’s looking for his own pre-conceived Messiah, more to his own tastes.
Parts of the Right are doing that too. They have found one, or better – fantasize they have. They are overlooking a lot.

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