Take It Easy On Yourself

4 07 2016

New York

Don’t be so hard on yourselves. 

Yes, you are all that and a truck full of chips.


(1) You are for the most part the direct progeny of a generation that was and continues to be even more like you than you, the only other generation you mention by name in this article:  The Baby Boomers.  All the traits you hate about your generation, your parents were and are even more so in that stead, and raised you to be that way.  You are the generation that your parents’ older critics could have predicted they would beget.

(2) And don’t ignore us, either, we in the generation between the two of you, and the same will most likely be true about the generation behind you.  Everyone born after 1945 behaves that way, because everyone born after 1945 has never had any first hand direct personal experience with real hardship, deprivation, sacrifice, or (supposedly) existential crises.  We’re now on four continuous generations of rotten spoiled people.

(3) Your generation I think will be the one that demonstrates the most severe Jekyll and Hyde change between your younger years and your middle aged and older years, and the reason for that is that in the next twenty years, you’re going to have new mentors and bosses.  When the Boomers age out of power and retire gradually handing off the baton to those of us in Generation X, presuming that we can stop gawking at comic books and playing video games long enough to notice that it’s our turn to run and we’re being given the baton, we’re not going to put up with your whining.  Sure, we’re just as lazy, narcissistic and spoiled as you are and your parents are, but the one difference is that our natural cynicism, unmatched in world history, is being joined by Machiavellianism and bitterness.  Along side of it is our proclivity to niche consumption and natural suspicion of anything too big or too ubiquitous.  Come to us twenty years from now, Millennial, and start in on your “nyah nyah nyah problematic” bitching, and we’ll fold our arms and give you the sass we gave our own parents and teachers even in our single digit ages:  “Whatever.”  That alone is going to force you all to grow up, in as much as anyone can truly grow up in the post-WWII spoiled cornucopia world.

(4) I am very very very bullish on white right of center Millennials.  Which is saying a lot, because I’m rarely bullish on anything.  I think they’ll be the generation that truly saves Western civilization.  From them, I see a combination of militancy and consciousness and insurgency and imperviousness to mainstream bullshit that I don’t see from any generation older than them.

Interesting is this part:

My millennial friends want me to be hopelessly nostalgic for the ’90s, obsessing over which “Saved by the Bell” character I’m most like, while ironically purchasing Dunkaroos and Snapchatting my vacant expressions for 43 pals to ignore. Or flying home for the weekend to recover from office burnout by getting some shut-eye in my pristine childhood bedroom. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

“Saved by the Bell” came too soon for Millennials to watch and obsess over in its first run, and they’re too young really to have experienced ’90s teenage and young adult culture first hand.  That was our province.  And I don’t think Millennials are “nostalgic” for it, because that’s a misnomer, because like I said, they were too young to know of it.  What I think they are is discovering it and giving it a second life, because their own popular culture and entertainment offerings are so banal.  Here are a few hints:  Consider how much better the original 90210 was than the reboot of several years ago, and that the original run of B&BH was it on a stick while the 2011 reboot was a bust.  Tupac Shakur, or today’s conga lines of “Lil’s”?  While Jerry Springer has always been trash, the Springer show of the mid-1990s was high quality trash.




5 responses

4 07 2016
john jones

“Breaking up ….. is so very hard … to do”

4 07 2016

You got the song ref in spite of one off letter.

4 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I can’t wait for the conventions. It’ll be a hoot. The BLM retards want to ruin Trump, but they’ll just enrage White America after the Stupid Party of Lincoln nominates someone else. Nothing like pouring gas on an oil fire right?
Clinton’s coronation ceremony is going to blow up like The Hindenberg. She has to let BLM speak cause she not black. I expect they’ll want to speak near the beginning of this disaster. After they ramble on about black and black and even more black, I expect they’ll hang around to harass anyone who doesn’t pander enough to blacks. La Raza will be there too. When BLM and La Raza get together its an instant race war. I cannot wait for these dumb knee grows to try to push them around for not kow towing to the black undertow. Colonel Sanders professional college protesters will be there to cause trouble, and they’ll get it. This is gonna blow up nasty. It’ll be worse than the riot that elected Nixon. I expect them to take it to the streets and the black shoppers will probably all come out for the 100% off looting sale at everywhere. Riot gear cops, maybe armored vehicles, tear gas, water cannons and maybe even some rubber bullets. SWEET.

5 07 2016

We can only hope!

5 07 2016

I’ve been thinking for months and months that the DNC could be very very interesting, because a whole lot of papered over divisions are starting to come open because Obama is in the late evening of his admin. On top of that, Orlando. I can envision Davis Guggenehim and Randi Weingarten swinging lead pipes at each other on the convention floor.

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