Another World Heard From

6 07 2016

Cape Girardeau

Had to miss the debate tonight, though I doubt if I really missed anything.  I’ve probably already seen this same debate three times already.

Along those lines, Peter Kindercare is finally going to start in on media buys.  If they haven’t started already, you’ll soon start hearing radio buys featuring the voices of Dana Loesch and Rush Limbaugh.  The latter is not surprising, even though he rarely endorses in Republican primaries.  Because they are both Cape natives, and the Limbaughs and Kinders have an interlocking family friendship going back a few generations.  For any Republican statewide candidate, the endorsement of any Limbaugh is highly coveted, as even backing out the most famous one, they are the most prominent family of lawyers in southeast Missouri.  But, an open primary endorsement from the most famous Limbaugh is like a million ton brick landing on the other candidates.

Dana Loesch?  She doesn’t have that much currency.  Oh no.




4 responses

6 07 2016
john jones

yep …El Rushbo ads have been on for a week.

6 07 2016

Okay do the ads feature both Rush and Dana or just one or the other?

7 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Rush was the first major voice against the Left. He was pivotal during the Clinton Years. Now he’s just passe as the Alt-Right and Fascists have taken over. He still has more listeners than all the alphabet soup Dinosaurs have viewers but that’s not saying much. Like Fox News, being number one in the Dinosaur Media is like dancing in the dark. Rush is still bigger than Megyno on Rupert’s Cable Channel, But she’s about as popular as Tofukey on Thanksgiving. I imagine Rush will probably be Denver the Last Dinosaur, as more Americans tune out the broken record.

7 07 2016

I think there was more to meets the eye to Mark Steyn “filling in” for Rush the first weekday show after the Orlando peace outbreak.

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